12 Amazing Facts About The Living Legend, Amitabh Bachchan


Even today, Amitabh Bachchan’s work speaks volumes about his dedication to films. Once the “Angry Young Man” of Indian cinema, continues to awe the Indian audience even in the second innings of his career, with unclichéd roles.  People have loved Amitji as Jai of Sholay, and love him more as Bhaskor Banerjee of Piku. here are some Amitabh Bachchan facts.

Such is his craftsmanship that every character, it feels as a cutout, just for him.

Let’s get to know him, a little more…

amitabh's fathe considered naming him inquilab-amitabh bachchan facts

What’s in a name, you ask? Thoughts and laurels, to be precise!

he is write from both hands-amitabh bachchan facts

a resourceful person with a rare skill, a deadly combo that is.

spent a few nights on a bench at marine drive. often points out the bench while driving past it-amitabh bachchan facts

After all this time? Always!

became the first Asian actor to have a wax model displayed at Madame Tussaud's in london -amitabh bachchan facts

You’ve earned it!!

give 112 consecutive flops before first big hit zanjeer-amitabh bachchan facts

Success is never easy.

most poplar screen name is vijay. his character was named vijay over 20 movies-amitabh bachchan facts

Coincidence or choice, is the dilemma?

was rejected by all india radio twice due to his baritone voice-amitabh bachchan facts

You lose AIR, big time!

made his debut with saat hundstani his first and only black and white movie-amitabh bachchan facts

First  film, last black and white.

wanted to become an engineer and was keen on joining the indian airforce-amitabh bachchan facts

Destiny had better plans…

amitabh bachcha's actual surname is shrivastava. however his father wrote the pen name bachchan and the family adopted this surname-amitabh bachchan facts

So are there no more Bachchan’s  except Mr. Bachchan’s?

is a vegetarian and a teetotaler-amitabh bachchan facts

So are there no more Bachchan’s  except Mr. Bachchan’s?

wasa lok sabha m.p. from 1984-1989-amitabh bachchan facts

Politics is not everyone’s cup of tea.


He is one of the strongest competitors for every contemporary actor who strives to make it big in the Bollywood and a voice that will echo in our hearts for the longest time.





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