21 Tricky Movie Names That Will Make You The Undisputed King Of Dumb Charades

So it’s Saturday night and you are chilling with your friends. Conversation runs dry and someone suggests a round of dumb charades, and immediately you start panicking. That’s probably because you suck at coming up with tough movie names and always end up losing. Well, fear not! We are here to help you make jaws drop all around with some of the most difficult (and quirkiest) movie names ever, that are not only impossible to guess but also hilarious enough to make everyone burst out laughing. Here are 21 of the trickiest and equally bizarre Hindi movie names to ace every dumb charades game ever.

1) Whoever came up with this name is a genius. And before you dismiss this one, do note that this was the first Indian film for which all songs were recorded in stereophonic sound.

2) The movie name is just as ajeeb. Oh, and this movie is the prequel of the cult classic “Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai”.

3) And office mein? Trust only Govinda to star in a movie like this!

4) Not if you are Tiger Shroff. But on a serious note, WTF?

5) Taking out a loan to buy sindur? That’s a bit much! Also, what’s with all these Bollywood movies about sindur? Why not bindi? Aur kajal? Aur nail paint?

6) Bachao bachao! That’s the story of every married guy out these.

7) What do saas and bahu have to do with the stock market? Watch to find out! Barring the odd name, the movie boasts of a great starcast of talented actors and focuses on the complexities of discovering love in the city that never sleeps – Mumbai.

8) Lol what? Also the movie which gave us gems like, “chal gai chal gai ishk ki goli chal gai!”

9) That’s quite a mouthful. The movie was originally titled “Jalaa Kar Rakh Kar Doonga” but later “Paap Ko” was added.

10) Story of me and my friend’s lives. But on a serious note, this movie is a laugh riot!

11) This title makes no sense, honestly. A movie starring Dara Singh, Mehmood and Bindu in lead role. Definitely worth a watch when you’re drunk or high or both.

12) Also known as my squad when they spot biryani. Story of a son who is pressured into accepting bribes by his father. That’s great parenting right there!

13) What? Who? This movie also released in English. Considering it was 1946, that’s a big deal.

14) I mean what’s that even supposed to mean? Literally translating to “Arising from the Surface”, this movie was actually screened at Cannes back in 1981.

15) Hello! Kaun? This movie was a big hit in Bihar and we can tell why.

16) I like laddus, I don’t like this movie title. What’s with Laali, Laaddoo and shaadi?

17) What about Guddi? This movie is about Guddu, his manhood turning golden and his quest for love to turn it back to “normalcy”. How this movie went past censor boards is beyond me.

18) Sounds incredibly low budget. Bunch of extras in lead roles. Who comes up with such movies?

19) But what if I feel really bad for Salim? This langda is a total badass!

20) Me, whenever I step into Zara. The sequel can be about demonetization.

21) Also, not a Sholay spinoff. But the story suspiciously sounds like that of Basanti.

These Bollywood gems are sure to make you a hit at the next beer fueled dumb charades championship with your friends. And maybe afterwards, you can watch one of these movies, just for the laughs!

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