13 Best Quotes On The Cricket King- AB de VillIers

With the advent of shorter formats, smaller grounds and batsman friendly wickets, modern day cricket has more attacking batsman than any other point in the history of the game. But one man who stands a class apart in this era of attacking batsman is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers or AB de Villiers as we popularly know him. His innovative shots particularly the ones behind the wicket-keeper and slips with the ability to hit the cricket ball at will, make the legends of the game sigh in disbelief.

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers is everyone’s favorite regardless of what team or country you support. Batting records fall apart, the best of bowlers are humbled and the leather is slaughtered on every possible corner of the ground when AB is on the song. He already holds the record for the fastest ODI 50,100 and 150.

We bring you 13 best quotes on AB De Villiers.

1. Well, we can’t blame you Aakash

2. Invaluable Indeed

3. Well. he sure is beyond ordinary

4. Chris Gayle is all nostalgic

5. No.1 v/s No.1

6. You are not alone Maxwell

7. That’s a direct hit

8. He owns the game, literally

9. From a champion to a legend

10. Very very correct Laxman

11. The best of the best

12. Only AB De knows how to score runs in every game

13. When AB De hit a six and a four on the first two balls

With his powerful batting, astute strategies and stellar performance on the field, AB De Villiers deserves to be called the best batsman. Not just top cricketers but also the entire cricketing world is enchanted by his charm.

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