Bride slaps toxic masculinity in the face

Be it never seen before dance moves or people claiming to be relatives and hogging onto endless gulab jamuns, Indian weddings got a major dose of entertainment for everyone. Besides that, they are also full of colors, dancing, and people, plus a heavily decorated bride and a very happy groom. Although usually found “frustrated yet humble”, Indian brides are slowly breaking the stereotype. They have started doing more than just posing and which is good for them. Talk about a recent video that’s breaking the internet, shows a rebellious bad-ass bride. She clearly stated the meaning of “consent” by slapping a man amidst her marriage ceremonies.



The hilarious recording shows the Jaimala custom, where the couple exchanges flower laced garland. To make it exciting, people lift up bride and groom so that it gets difficult for them to make each other wear it. And that’s what happened at this wedding but the bride didn’t give her permission to be picked up. Once in the air, both bride and groom calmly exchanged garlands. But the moment bride sets her feet on the ground, she ends up slapping the guy who lifted her. Because he did so without asking her.  (That’s one way to explain consent to someone) .

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better! The slapped up guy retaliated by smacking the woman behind him who might have pestered him to lift the bride up. This must have left everyone feeling awkward, but it explicitly explained the consequences of “assuming women will let you do anything and won’t speak up.” Our society is flooded with such assumptions, it’s a sigh of relief to see women fighting back.

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