We Found Out What Nurses Said When These Celebs Were Born


Each celebrity has their unique style. Some of them are loved for it, while some are laughed at. Well, going by what Indian celebs are doing in their late years of life, we have imagined just how the nurses would have reacted to them being born.

Read on… Laugh on…

1. What an Idea Sir ji! 

2. The old soul! 

3. Hairy Singh! 

4. Living life per episode! 

5.Ummm… A look alike! 

6. The nasal kid! 

7. The funny part is… 

8. Did not wanna come out! Did he…

9. A joke! 

10. Didn’t even cry!

11. Talked the nurse into believing in Acche Din!

12. Yanna dancer’a!

13. Once a kid always a kid.

14. The rakhi on his wrist is hidden.

15. Heavy baby.

16. Beeeep!

17. Thalaiva!

This is what we imagined nurses to say.

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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