16 Awesome things that every 90s kid can relate to


Growing up in the 90s was awesome (at least that’s how every 90s kid would feel). Those were the simpler times when life was a lot easier and we found joy in everyday things. Even today, when we revisit some of those memories, we are overcome by a wave of nostalgia. Here are a few memories from our childhood that every 90s kid would totally relate to. These prove that 90s were the best time for any kid!

1. And now we listen to its music! 
Childhood Memories (1)

2. Kaṭti! 
Childhood Memories (16)

3. Sachin meant cricket. 
Childhood Memories (15)

4. Which one to eat?! 
Childhood Memories (14)

5. Creativity at its best! 
Childhood Memories (13)

6. The postcard days!
Childhood Memories (12)

7. Heavy weight of water! 
Childhood Memories (11)

8. And the superb pair of a pencil and a cassette 
Childhood Memories (10)

9. Remember the Sunday movies?
Childhood Memories (9)

10. We loved the one that came with a light! 
Childhood Memories (8)

11. Aah! Cigarettes! 
Childhood Memories (7)

12. How many have you got? 
Childhood Memories (6)

13. Chacha and Sabu! Love. 
Childhood Memories (5)

14. Meri green! 
Childhood Memories (4)

15. The never ending thirst! 
Childhood Memories (3)

16. The fair way! 
Childhood Memories (2)

Is there anything else you remember from your childhood that isn’t here? Mention in the comments below…
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Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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