Facts About Akshay Kumar You Might Not Have Known


You have seen Akshay Kumar as an officer, a don, a business man, con man, common man, army man ,police man and a sports person. He’s an actor who has entertained us for more than two decades. Akshay has acted in a wide range of films and across different genres. Akshay Kumar’s flawless acting along with a common man’s simplicity is a lethal combination, that has affected masses. He will make you laugh, cry or biting your nails in the anticipation of what’s next. But that is the thing with his acting, it is effortlessly real.  Here are some interesting facts about the actor :

1. Wait…what?
akshay kumar's real name is rajiv hari om bhatia-akshay kumar facts

2. That’s one lucky chap
akshay kumar was a waiter-akshay kumar facts

3. The Secret, in action?
akashay kumar

4. You read that right!
akshay kumar hosted martial arts documentary for national geographic channel-akshay kumar facts

5. Success never comes easy!
akashay kumar worked a light boy

6. Only twice?
akshay kumar won filmfare award twice-akshay kumar facts-akshay kumar facts

7. That’s how being a player to so many leading ladies of his time was easy for him.
akshay kumar worked in 8 films named khiladi-akshay kumar facts

8. Or was the shark saved in the nick of time?
akshay kumar had face off with a shar-kakshay kumar facts

9. I love honest confessions, still stealing is ethically a wrong kick!
akshay kumar stole watches-akshay kumar facts

10. One good man on a mission!
akshay kumar introduce asin to rahul-akshay kumar facts

11. Forget Akshay’s role, I don’t even remember the film Aaj.
akashay kumar acted as martial arts instructor in aaj-akshay kumar facts

12. I’m sexy and I know it.
akashay kumar does not believe in makeover for movies-akshay kumar facts

13. The reason he is totally against lifting weights for body building even today, may be.
akshay kumar nearly broke his neck while lifting wwe undertaker-akshay kumar facts

14. You are not heartbroken, neither am I.
akshay kumar is a Canadian national

15. Sounds like a delicious Thai dish.
akshay kumar learnt muay thai before entering Bollywood

16. Not Amitabh, not Shahrukh but Akshay.
akshay kumar played vijay 8 times and raj 7 times on screen

17. A hero with a heart of gold.
akshay kumar donated profit of nirgun raakh liya to victim of train bombings

Let’s hope that he never stops entertaining us.



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