What are your favorite players up to when not on the field!


We love them on the field, we love them off the field. We look up to them and take motivation from their sportsmanship and have had their posters in our bedroom at some point of time (well let’s face it). But have you ever wondered what they are doing on their phones? We in association with 9Apps imagined what goes around in some of your favorite cricketer’s phone.

  1. When her movie is going to hit the theaters.
  2.  Holidaying with hazel!
  3. A princess dress for his little princess

  4.  When you were not sold at the auctions

  5. Vanity before everything

  6. Heal thyself!

  7. Taking one for the team?

  8. He needs another tattoo

Hope you had fun while reading them! We definitely had a lot in making them!



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