#GonnaTellMyKids – What the Future Generations Might Never Get to See!

The rapid degradation of the environmental condition shows our inability to preserve and protect nature. It is evident that any consistent effort can only slow down the destruction but not reverse it. Every facet of our way of living, be it transportation or even our dietary choices have an adverse impact on the environment. While the solutions that will actually have a positive change seem quite extreme to us, we fail to even do the simplest of things such as recycling. Keeping all of this in mind, one thing is clear- we are doomed. The planet is changing in ways that are almost scary. There are certain privileges that we now enjoy but might not be able to in a few years. Humans are struggling for necessities as basic as drinking water and oxygen.

A few years down the road, our kids (if we all don’t decide to go anti-natalist by then) might not be able to picture the world as we are able to. We at ScrollDroll, in collaboration with The Logical Indian, decided to go over some of such things that our future generations might never get to see.

1. The lungs of the Earth were once breathing

Frequent forest fires, deforestation, and exploitation of the world’s biggest rainforest will lead to its destruction to the point of its non-existence. A study conducted by Nature Climate Change came to a conclusion that by 2050, the Amazon Rainforest is predicted to lose 40% of its original extent to deforestation. #GonnaTellMyKids

2. We once had air in our cities we could breathe

The rapid air pollution already has several people living in urban cities struggling to breathe. Things are pretty bad in Delhi. On top of that, a study conducted by Leeds University shows that the concentrate of particulate matter PM 2.5 in India will be double by 2050. #GonnaTellMyKids

3. Such animals once walked the Earth

Every other day at least one species is getting extinct from this world. The day isn’t far when tigers and rhinoceroses would be named next to dinosaurs. It is predicted that by 2050, 15%-37% of the species on Earth are going to be extinct only due to climate change. #GonnaTellMyKids

4. Thick ice caps once existed in the Arctic

Global Warming has led to record-setting heat all over the world. This heat in turn has been melting glaciers at an alarming rate. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, USA, the Arctic Ocean could have ice-free summers sometime between 2030 and 2050. #GonnaTellMyKids

5. Mumbai once existed!

We are not strangers to the concept of changing terrains. According to Climate Central, by 2050, the Arabian Sea will begin flooding Mumbai. And several years later, our future generations won’t be able to traverse upon a land that we once called Mumbai. #GonnaTellMyKids

6. Beautiful ecosystems once existed beneath the seas

So many magnificently beautiful ecosystems are being destroyed on a daily basis due to the ever-growing rate of pollution. A report called “Reefs at Risk Revisited” claims that more than 90% of the coral reefs of the world will die by 2050. Deep-Sea Diving would not be exciting anymore. #GonnaTellMyKids

7. We once had access to clean water

People in some overpopulated urban cities of India are already cooking food with bottled water that they buy from a store. The concept of buying water that was free for ages and ages seems so strange. But what’s even stranger is that a UN Report states that more than 5 billion people will suffer from water shortages by 2050. #GonnaTellMyKids

All these facts and predictions might seem frightening at first. But it is that very alarming nature of these studies that makes us ready to take some proper action. Climate change is real, it is happening! Let’s not be passive about it and ignore it. Let’s work together towards a positive change. What are your views about climate change? Do let us know in the comments section.

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