If Game of Thrones Characters Used These Famous Apps


We all love Game of Thrones. The numerous characters with awesome story lines and a medieval theme add more charm to this amazing show. With the new season on air, we are all anticipating about what will happen to whom and who is finally going to claim the Iron throne. Here we have dared to imagine how our favourite Game of Thrones characters would use the modern day apps available on 9Apps if they ever had Smartphones in their era.

1. He could have gotten any job he wanted if he searched on Naukri

2. Tyrion could have reached the Far East by himself in no time

3. Khal Drogo would never have to hunt for food anymore

4. Arya could have found a new instructor in no time

5. Everyone would have found out about them and Ned Stark would have been alive

6. The Stark family would have rejoiced in their group chat

7. Daenerys’ search for King’s landing wouldn’t have been as difficult as….

8. Tywin would have easily paid Walder Frey for his job at the Red Wedding

9. Maybe the Hound’s face could have been fixed

10. Melisandre and Stannis could have hit it off a little more easily if they met on Tinder.

11. Lord Varys could have had hair somewhere

These characters would have lived more comfortable lives if they used these
apps. Do you think it would have made a difference if they had these apps?
Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.



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