If Santa Was Indian, This is How He’d Probably Be


Santa Claus, the name is enough to make one happy. Because of his warm nature, Mr Claus is loved by everyone (except the Grinch!). This jolly man works one night a year and is forever adored by children for getting them presents.

However, we wonder if Santa were Indian!

Can it be so? What would really happen if he were?
Let’s have a look!

Mom and her late night boundaries! 

If Santa was Indian

Cleanliness has its own parameters!

If Santa was Indian

The never ending jigsaw of addresses! 

If Santa was Indian

How could one give him the responsibility of sending gifts in one night!!?? Has to have some qualification! 

If Santa was Indian

The sacred states would have been missed out! He doesn’t want to get mugged! 

If Santa was Indian

Everybody would want to be somewhere!
If Santa was Indian

Looks like Santa will also be bugged by locals for late delivery of presents. With constant rebuking from his mother, Indian Santa will start reconsidering his decisions. It seems India just won’t do for Santa.

What do you feel about our desi take on Santa Claus? Let us know in the comments below.

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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