If Santa Was Indian


Santa, the jolly man in red, is the magic that works late at night to bring home Christmas presents. This great guy with elves at his behest. He is someone who works one day in a year.

Santa is a story well preserved in the western culture. Kids wait for Santa to come down the chimney and leave them presents. He is also treated with milk and cookies and all sorts of lovely things.
Have you ever wondered why Indian kids celebrate Christmas, but aren’t so convinced about the idea of Santa? Well Santa, for one, wouldn’t be able to climb down chimneys, because there usually are none.
And oh, we feel sorry for Rudolf, his red nose reindeer. The amount of cables that cross lanes mid air, we are sure he is going to lose one of his horns.

But nevertheless, we imagined Santa in the Indian scenario. Just exactly how it would be if Santa was Indian.

He is a jolly good fellow, just in the wrong place…



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