20 Interesting Facts about Himachal Pradesh


WorldHimachal Pradesh as the name suggests is the state that lies in the lap of the snow clad Himalayas. The region extends from plain areas to the huge mountain ranges. Each region encompasses its own uniqueness and unfolds new mysteries as we tread along. The serenity of the higher altitudes leaves you just as awestruck as the plains covered in green.

Let us look at some of the less known facts about this state.

1. Nature’s ice skating rink

ICE Skating Shimla


2. Held India’s first Paragliding competition

Paragliding Bir Billing


3. One of the least corrupted states

Low corruption State


4. Hygienic houses of Himachal

Fact obout Himachal Pradesh


5. Girls rule Himachal

Female Ratio in Himachal Pradesh


6. The village of Taboos

Village of Taboos


7. Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere

Mushroom Farming


8. Mesmerising beauty of Himachal

Mini Floating Island


9. The astonishing Toy train

Toy Train Kalka to Shimla


10. A smokeless zone

No Smoking


11. Himachal’s love for the environment

Polythene banned in Himachal Pradesh


12. The season airways of Himachal

Seasonal Airport of Himachal Pradesh


13. Major fruit producer

Fruit Bowl of India


14. The famous Fossil Park

Shivalik Fossil Park


15. A major hydropower generator

Hydro power plant in Himachal pradesh


16. Has two world heritage site

UNESCO World heritage sites


17. Honest leaders of Himachal

Virbhadra Singh


18. The highest Cricket pitch of the world

World's highest cricket pitch


19. The electrifying Bijli Mahadeo temple

Bijli Mahadeo temple


20. Himachal is home to diverse animals and plants

Flora and Fuana


With spectacular snowy peaks and plunging river valleys, beautiful Himachal is India’s outdoor adventure playground. Numerous weekend getaway destinations and snowy hikes are a few of the reasons of why this chilly state is adored by the nation.

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