20 Interesting Facts About Sikkim

Sikkim is synonymous with sheer magic and wonder. It is serene and at the same time cleanest and safest place to be. Diverse flora and fauna, bounties of nature, the snow-capped mountains and at the same time fast-paced development of the state leave people in awe.

Let us look at some of the lesser-known facts about Sikkim.

1. And the spirit lives on

2. Many many languages of Sikkim

3. Shares a special bond with nature

4. Fancy some Cardamom?

5. Keepin’ it clean!

6. Nepal influences

7. Family planning, spot on!

8. In the name of Jesus

9. The pious Dham of Siddheshwar

10. Home to the lush Rhododendron

11. Eccentric ceremonies to predict future

12. From independent country to an Indian state

13. The first mixed world heritage site

14. Saving the planet!

15. International neighbors of Sikkim

16. The grand Rhubarb flower

17. Abode of one of the largest mountain peaks

18. Comforting hot water springs

19. Worshiping the mountain

20. Beautiful Buddhist monasteries

With the diverse atmosphere, beautiful mountain peaks and purposeful natural phenomenon, Sikkim remains an interesting state. Visit this alluring hub of nature and traditional culture, to have an experience of a lifetime.


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