A List of15 Things That Every Dilliwala Understands


Dilli is a place which happens to be the butt of all conversations in the nation. Rape, Delhi. Protest, Delhi. Politics, Delhi. Dirty, Delhi.
But just like every place on this whole wide world, Delhi too has a world in it which is beyond all prejudices. It is called a city with a heart. And that’s what we love about it.
Let’s take a look…

Meter is a fashion, everybody loves it, nobody uses it.  

The monuments and their other uses. 

You take an auto ride everyday to know the price! 

Traffic Signals? What are they? 

The ideal hangout place! 

I’m judging you. 

Adventurous group of Delhiites! Everybody. 

Delhi is open about sex problems. We display them on walls. 

Delhiites are passionate painters. 

We like taking everybody along.

Cars are very useful. 

He behaved like a Ch**[email protected]#. Adjective. 

Delhi loves its women. Gives them the freedom. To triple ride. 

Delhiites make the right friends. 

Delhi loves the nation more than anyone else. 

It is Delhi and with all its flaws it is still the city of dilwalon ki!

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich



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