Two Kids, aged 9 and 11 flee for Ladakh on Bicycles


Ladakh has undoubtedly become one of the most preferred destination for people from all across the country. However, this news about the Ladakh trip comes as a shocker!

Two kids from Panchkula decided to leave for Ladakh on their bicycles. The kids left from Panchkula to Leh dressed in T-Shirts and shorts carrying no money or bags. They left a goodbye note for their parents saying, “We are going to Ladakh on a tour. We love you mom and dad.”


However, an vigilant police team intercepted them 10 kilometres from their homes after an alert was flashed in the adjoining areas.

The kids were alone in their homes and bored. Hence, they decided to visit Ladakh situated around 800 kms from the city of Panchkula.

They have been sent for counseling after being caught.

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