17 Facts About Maharana Pratap You Probably Didn’t Know


The great Rajput king, Pratap Singh or as commonly known, Maharana Pratap, is one of the bravest man in the history of India.
It is well known that Akbar tried time and again to annex Mewar, but failed each time. We have some amazing facts that are not known by the masses who have had the history of having a Maharana so great and valiant.

Rana Pratap’s methods of sporadic warfare was later elaborated further by Malik Ambar, the Deccani general, and by Shivaji.

Maharana Pratap - was said to be 7.5 feet tall and weigh 110 KG Maharana Pratap - was the eldest amongst 33 children of rana uday singh 2 of mewar and the founder of udaipur Maharana Pratap is remembered for the famous battle of haldighati in 1576 against the Mugal emperor , Akbar where he fought with an army of 22,000 soliders against 80,000 soilders of Akbar Maharana Pratap's brothers shakti singh jamal singh and sagar singh server mughal emperor akbar Maharana Pratap is said to have wearing a 72 kg Armour, carrying a spear (bhala) of 80kgs and two swords, 25kg each Maharana Pratap's horse chetak's coat had a blue tinge, the reason why he is referred as "o neele ghode re aswar" - O rider of the blue horse in ballads Refused to back stab Man Singh - the Mughal Commander in Chief when he was out on a hunting spree with only few soldiers. Rana wanted to fight him only in the battlefield. Maharana Pratap stunned every one when legs of his horse were on forehead of enemy's elephant and his spear almost killed the enemy comander , man signh Maharana Pratap was heavily wounded by Maan Singh's forces. His horse Chetak jumped across a 21 feet wide river with wounded legs to save him. Maharana Pratap Lost his famous & loyal horse, Chetak in the battle of Haldighati, who gave up his life trying to save his Maharana. Maharana Pratap Took financial support from his minister Bhama Shah after the famous Haldighati war when he had no money to support his army. With the wealth that Bhama Shah gave, he could support his army of 25000 soldier for 12 years. Maharana Pratap Rebuked his son, Amar Singh for arresting women from the enemy camp and at once gave the orders of setting them free and escorting them till their camp Maharana Pratap ruled mewar from 1572-1567, span of 25 years, but he didn't submitted to akabar till his death, Maharana Pratap HAD 17 sons and 5 daughters from 11 wives Maharana Pratap once thought of submitting himself to akabar but decided against it Maharana Pratap Died of injuries sustained in a hunting accident when, while tightening the string of a bow with arrow. Maharana Pratap His sword, armour & Weapons are kept in Udaipur's royal palace museum even today.

Pratap died after sustaining injuries from hunting. A chhatri is placed till date at the site of his funeral. It is a famous tourist attraction in Chavand.



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