These Minimal WWE Posters will hit you Rock bottom and leave you Stone Cold


You’re not a true 90’s kid if you haven’t latched onto a WWE character and been a fan at some point in your life. All of us know those theme songs, the sparks that flew and the glass that shattered signaling complete destruction. WWE has had a rich history and its audience ranges from extremely young to extremely old people. Some people consider it archaic and stupid, but there’s something really interesting about watching the script unfold and characters resolving their differences in the ring. WWE has been an integral part of our adolescent years and we’re sure the same goes for you. Let us relive those years through these Minimal WWE Posters.

1) Beer – Stunner – More Beer – More Stunners. The poster boy of the Attitude Era.
These Minimal WWE Posters-Stone cold

2) The first Olympic gold medalist from WWE. It is pure nostalgia to see him in the ring again.
These Minimal WWE Posters-Kurt angle

3) Remeber the Sweet Chin Music? The Sexy Boy’s signature move.
These Minimal WWE Posters-Shawn michaels

4) “Break down the Wall….” Who does not remember the Y2J?
These Minimal WWE Posters-Chris jericho

5) ‘The Legend Killer’ won over the crowd when he became the youngest WWE.
These Minimal WWE Posters-randy orton

6) One of the most celebrated fighters of WWE. Sadly things didn’t end well for him.
These Minimal WWE Posters- cm punk

This is just a fraction of the Superstars in the WWE Universe. It’s not possible to cover each wrestler in one series, we’d like you to tell us which other Superstar do you want to see in the next Minimal WWE Superstars Series. Let us know in the comments below.

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