We Reimagined Minions As Politicians And They Are Adorable


I love, you love, we all love minions. And it is obvious we would give everything to get some more of them.

Well, we also know how some people cannot be ‘cute’. It is their profession that does that to them. But here at Scroll Droll we have reimagined our favourite characters, Dave, Kevin, Bob and Stuart as Indian politicians. Take a look!

The talkative minion

Narendra Modi Minion


Minion Kejru…

arvind kejriwal Minion


The Bihari minion

lalu yadav minion

Minion ki Mamata

Mamta Banerjee Minion

Minion maya!

mayawati minion


Baby minion

Rahul Gandhi Minion

Kyunki minion bhi kabhi actress thi

Smriti Irani Minion


Nation’s bahu minion

Sonia Gandhi Minion
This minion is a quiet Manmohan minion

Manmohan Singh Minion


We know they’re adorable. If only our politicians were as lovely!

Design: Rohit Bose



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