30 Mirzapur 2 Meme Templates That Describe The Story Of Our Lives

While being an absolute hit amongst the online and OTT audiences, Mirzapur is also a favorite of memers, trolls and netizens. Ever since the launch of the second season of this epic action-crime series, Mirzapur 2 Meme templates started trending on twitter and social media. The powerful dialogues, edgy one-liners and hilarious scenes from the second season 2 of Mirzapur make the perfect meme material.

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We bring you some of the best Mirzapur 2 Meme templates that aptly describe the story of our lives and everyday life situations.

1. When ICC tries to mess with the BCCI
BCCI to ICC: Aap Humara Kucch Ukhaad Nahi Payenge

2. When Virat Kohli gets dismissed cheaply in a crucial match!
Fans: Aapse Better Umeed Kiye The Hum

3. When relatives ask you future ke baarey mein kya socha hai.
Me: Matlab Aisa bilkul immediately nahi soche hain but…sochenge

4. Whenever an Indian batsman gets out, takes the DRS and the review is lost!
Me: Dimaag par jyaada pressure mat karo, kam prayog karte ho na Jung lag gaya hai uspe

5. When my friend tells that his girlfriend is ‘different’!
Me: Chup! Ekdam Chup Rahiye

6. Me to Myself after Dad tells me the achievement of Sharma Ji’s son:
Ekdum NPA banke reh gaye hain…Non Performing Asset

7. Me to those who never miss to like my Insta posts:
Family hain aap log hamari

8. Delhi Guys to Old Monk every Winters:
Hamari jaroorat ke liye aap hain

9. When I enter into my house & everyone is watching Arnab’s debate
Me: Hum Cable hi katwa denge

10. When my girlfriends asks me to promise that I won’t check out other girls!
Me: Iski guaratee hum nahi de sakte

11. Indian Batsmen on green South African & English Wickets:
Jab bhi kucch karne jaate hain, 2 min mein deh jaate hain

12. When the cigarette wala gives my brand of Cigarette without even asking.
Me to Friends: Jalwa Hai humara Yahaan!

13. 20 Yr Olds after smoking a doob for the first time:
Jo sukh aap hume diye na Vaisa sukh kabhi nahi paaye hai

14. Me accidently bumping into a friend who owes me Money since long.
Me: Kitna time ho gaya…nahi?

15. As soon as I get a Tinder Match!
Me: Sex karoge hamare saath?

16. When my office bestie resigns and ask me how am I feeling.
Me: Takleef unki nahi hoti jo chaley jaatey hain…Takleef unki hoti hai jo peeche reh jaate hain

17. When my friend cancels Goa Trip at the last moment.
Me: Tum Bh****wale, Tumhare Papa Bh****wale, Tumhare Dada Bh****wale

18. When my younger sibling tells me who am I to stop him/her?
Me: Tumhare Baap Ke Baap Hain

19. When my parents ask me to wake up at 6 am everyday
Me: Wo toh nahi ho payega 

20. KBC Contestant trying to answer the 1 Crore Question:
Ye Bhi Theek Hai, Ye Bhi Theek Hai, Ye Bhi Theek Hai, Ye Bhi Theek Hai

21. Mummy: TV Serial Dekhna Hai
Me: IPL Dekhna Hai
Papa changing the channel to watch News:
Marzi Hamari Chalegi

22. Me getting intimate with my girlfriend as soon as I meet her.
My girlfriend:
Aate Hi Kaam Shuru kar diye?

23. Me trying Good Night, Mortein and what not.
Hum Nahi Marenge

24. Me saying my father that I don’t want to do engineering.
My father, mother, brother, sister & every distant relative: Family ki raye se chaloge toh family ko aur proud feel karaoge

25. Australia bowls bouncers and short pitched deliveries to Indian batsman.
Kohli when Australia comes out to bat: Ab Humein Tumhari Bajani Hai

26. Me to Shopkeeper: Bhaiyya, Lays dena. Kitna?
Shopkeeper: 30 Rupaye
Me checking I have only Rs 10 in my pocket & buying the small lays packet:
Badi Na Toh Chhoti Sahi

27. Whenever my college senior threatened me to stop flirting with my crush because he also liked her. Me: Mamla Dar Ka Nahi Hai, Izzat Ka Hai

28. Me watching big politicians giving really ridiculous statements: Bade Log Chutiya Hote Hain

29. As soon as Rohit Sharma crosses the score of 50 & hits a six: Sher ki muh ko khoon lag chuka

30. Me watching MS Dhoni hitting a long six: Sher ki umar jyaada hai lekin budha nahi hua

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Did we miss out on any other iconic Mirzapur 2 Memes template? Do let us know in the comments below.

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