35 Posters That Will Make Every 90s Kid Scream, “Me Too!”

90s were a golden era and there is no denying that! You had some luxuries (like cable TV and Nintendo) but not the overbearing and omnipresent Internet. And If you are a 90s kid, you’d totally agree! Life was good. Times were simpler. And more importantly, simple joys were aplenty! Here are 35 posters that every 90s kid would totally relate to.

1. When we shouted from the terrace to check if the TV picture was clear


2. When we found any and every excuse to bat again


3. When sitting with girls was considered a punishment 


4. When we collected all our favourite tunes in one casette for our walkmans


5. When this sweet delight, delighted us the most


6. When a single game helped us decide our relation with others


7. When getting these books filled was a craze in school


8. When we all lined up next to the landline for our turn to make calls


9. When we kept on buying gums after gums for our favourite tattoo


10. When rains meant sailing paper boats in water


11. When we had to wait for several days to see how we looked in those Kodak photos


12. When giving this band to someone special was such a big deal


13. When we wrote on our notebooks like a BOSS with these pencils


14. When we pretended to have fallen sick to watch this program on Doordarshan


15. When we made WWE Superstars ‘Clash’ at will 















16. When the title track of this serial scared the shit out of us















17. When Summer Vacations meant being pampered at ‘Nani’s’ home


18. When letters were hand-written with love and not e-mailed 















19. When relatives came to our homes and watched our parents getting married over and over again


20. When we came up with an interesting excuse each time to escape school


21. When we implemented all strategies to champion this game


22. When we did not need to go to the ground to play Cricket


23. When ‘Antakshri’ was the best pass time 


24. When we spent our entire childhood saving his girlfriend


25. When we waited for days for the new comic series to be released


26. When we purchased Cheetos just for the tazos


27. When we loved to pick the color of our choice


28. When we loved the story of “Fruity” and “Sonpari”















29. When we ran to the TV Room to watch our favourite ad















30. When our friends made sure that our pens always had enough ink















31. When all of us tried to deceive the ‘Police’ with our expressions















32.  When we learnt new words playing this game














33. When we loved having the black ‘goliyaans’ 














34. When we loved watching the chronicles of ‘Mowgli’ in the Jungle


35. When we were deceived with the biggest lie of our childhood


Besides the nostalgia, there is probably a lot that we could use from the 90s even today. We may have technology at the touch of our hands, bringing our friends and family closer, but what’s lacking is the personal touch things had back in the 90s. The simple joys we had back then are somehow hard to find now and its a pity that the millennials will never know this kind of happiness.

Design: Rohit Bose

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