When Robert Downey Jr. Royally Trolled His Co-Stars


Today, on the Fourth of April, was born a legend. Robert Downey Junior, the one who hasn’t just taken over our hearts with his epic role of ‘Iron Man’, but has also ruled it with his wittiest comments. This ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ with a definite glowing heart is everybody’s favourite. It is so difficult to not like him!

So today, on his special day, we have gathered some of his best tweets where he has royally trolled his co-stars!

Like a boss’ came into being because the world has Robert Downey Jr.

Well, obviously, even Santa needs some help!

When it comes to laughing off a rivalry… Who could do it better?

Sometimes, it’s fun to poke, fun! Isn’t it?

Could he be more clear?

Aunt May have been flabberghasted!

Dear Spidey, our prayers are with you!

Someone’s gone green… and it’s not Hulk!

Proud. Proud. Proud.

Baby spidey’s got a lot to learn…

Stark looks good on everyone!

Too obviously dumb…

We nearly got fooled!

“I was a friend too”…

They’d look great!

It’s your birthday and we want to tell you that we love your swag Mr Ironman!