10 Times Sachin Proved Why He Will Never Be Forgotten


If cricket is a religion, Sachin is the God. You must have heard this sometime in your life, because as an Indian if you haven’t romanced the scene where Sachin comes out on the field to bat, at the start of an ODI, you’ve missed something. Generations have grown up watching the adolescent and ruthless Sachin become mature and calculated in his last years as a cricketer. The legend has been a historical figure in the game and we bring to anecdotes that show why he’s been a legend off the field as well. Read on..

God of small things?
Sachin Tendulkar - True Hero (1)

The time when he taught the importance of a ball
Sachin Tendulkar - True Hero (2)

Time and again Sachin has gone out of his way to show his love for his fans. He showed his heart of gold when he personally wrote a letter to the visa authorities for Sudhir Kumar, whom he calls the unofficial mascot of the Indian team
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Only true passion can understand true passion
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The real measure of greatness is how you treat the people whom you’re not obliged to.
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Greatness goes hand in hand with humility. Sachin has been an icon of it.
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The team-man, Sachin Tendulkar. No matter how big a superstar Sachin became, the relationships he shared with co players, seniors and management was always out of mutual respect.
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Keeping your word isn’t an issue for someone who did that for years for billions of people…
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The strive to be a lifelong learner even after being called the God of cricket speaks volumes about the Master Blaster’s character.Sachin Tendulkar - True Hero (9)

Forever humble, forever modest and forever inspiring. That’s Sachin Tendulkar for you
Sachin Tendulkar - True Hero (10)

And that’s how you win a billion hearts…Sachin Tendulkar - True Hero (11)

The world will forever miss those square cuts and cover drives, that child like passion for cricket, he embodies will forever be a benchmark. India has been lucky to have you, and we’ve been lucky to have seen you play. The greatest habit of our generation, Mr Sachin Tendulkar. If you liked this article, do tell us of any Sachin trivia you have in the comments below.



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