12 SRK Quotes To Enhance Your Witty Side.


A holiday from work, a drink in hand, nothing to mull over and an SRK movie on television. This pretty much defines the idea of perfect solace for a millennial. Yes, Mr. Shahrukh Khan, the face of Indian film industry. That’s what he does, binds you in a spell of his magical acting abilities. The middle-class Delhi boy has endured a long journey from sleeping on the benches to owning houses on Palm islands. Hard work, passion, struggle and relentless optimism coupled with his good looks, King Khan rules over our hearts since the first time ‘Raj’ stepped on-screen. We bring to you some witty replies by SRK, the man with a never fading charisma. Read on.


1. No one escapes the U.S immigration. NO ONE!
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (1)


2.Oh well….
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (2)

3. Only King Khan can come up with puns like THAT!
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (3)

4. In the battle of wits, SRK’s always armed.. 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (4)

5. Greatest life-lesson from King Khan 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (5)

6. Sorry, no modesty. Probably because there’s hardly anything to be modest about. 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (6)

7. The Ambassador of Diplomacy.. 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (7)

8. Legends never stop learning. Student of all the Years..
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (8)

9. We see what you did there Mr Khan. “Nottie!” *Chennai express style* 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (9)

10. You Sir, can even afford that.. 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (10)

11. No oversmartness please, Mr Khan can stump you at will! 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (11)

12. Team SRK, always! 
Shahrukh Khan Witty Lines (12)

Call him arrogant or narcissistic, a villain or a heart throb, controversial or diplomatic, the truth is you can’t miss him. To the one true King of Bollywood K-k- k-k- k- k.., Uh sorry S-R-K. Tell us your favorite SRK movies and dialogues in comments below.

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