This Baller Guy Fled With A Rs. 10 Lakh Harley After Taking It On A Test Ride

To what extent can you go to own your dream bike? Save up every penny you earn? Or marry a rich girl? Maybe even consider robbing a bank? Well, in true Bollywood fashion, one dude defied everybody’s imagination and sped away with a Harley-Davidson worth Rs. 10 Lakh by duping an unsuspecting seller he met on an online marketplace. Here’s what happened.

Ajay Singh, a Gurugram resident, decided to sell his Harley on an online buy-and-sell platform on June 13. The very next day, he heard from a man who identified himself as “Rahul Nagar”, a 30-year-old marble businessman from Agra, who expressed interest in buying the bike. The accused then met Ajay for physical inspection of the bike and to close the deal. “He met me at Cyber Hub around 11.30am, inspected the bike and said he will revert soon,” Ajay Singh was quoted as saying. According to Ajay, this “Rahul Nagar” looked the part of a genuine buyer as he spoke fluent English, was well-dressed and knew plenty about bikes. The meeting went well and soon after, Ajay received a WhatsApp message from the accused, asking him to come to Capital Harley-Davidson showroom at Sector 34, Gurugram in order to check the history of the bike.



After the accused inquired with the staff about the bike’s history, the two closed the deal at Rs 7 lakh, paid a token amount of Rs. 7,000 and then asked Ajay for a test-ride. Thinking he finally sold his price at a good price, Ajay gladly complied. And that’s when things went awry. Minutes turned into hours and this “Rahul” dude never returned from his “test-ride”. Ajay panicked and began trying to reach him on his phone. But it was switched off. Yikes!



Ajay later called the cops who asked him to collect the CCTV footage from the showroom and register an FIR against the accused. “Visuals of the accused were captured on CCTV cameras inside and outside the showroom. We are scanning the footage to identify him,” Sadar police station SHO Sudeep Kumar was quoted as saying. The accused is still on the run. While we feel terribly bad for the poor man who got duped and lost his expensive Harley, we must take a moment and laud this “Rahul Nagar” on his baller move. He will get caught eventually (I mean he’s all over the store’s CCTV and the cops have his phone number), he will go down in the history of fugitives as a total badass!

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