Valentine’s Day: India Versus The World In 8 Posters

It’s just the way things are here in India!

This Valentine’s Day, let us explore how our views about love are different from the rest of the world. The regular consumption of creative content from all over the world has exposed us all to the various ideas about love that people of different countries have. Especially the American sitcoms have shown the young Indians a completely different approach towards dating and relationships. Indian parents may not be as chill as American parents, and the way we were socialized is completely different from the rest of the world. Our values, our culture, and also the other stupid particularisations and immature traits that we have, do make our outlook towards love a little ‘crazy’. Yes, that’s the right word. So let’s take a look at how crazy Indians can sometimes be in love!

1. Your friends rush into making your crush their “Bhabi” (sister-in-law) or their “Jiju” (brother-in-law). It doesn’t matter if you haven’t even thought about expressing your feelings to your crush yet, let alone think about commitment. For your friends, you people are already married. That’s the way it goes.

2. Be it your lover or not, affectionate names are really weird for everyone in India. It’s a huge problem that we have. We are really creative and innovative when it comes to names but those names end up sounding really weird. But, we say it in a baby voice so I guess that compensates for the weirdness (Or sometimes amplifies it). Who’s to judge?

3. Generally, Indian parents cannot ever be chill about their children’s relationships. A love affair is always eyed with skepticism. Dating someone before marriage is frowned upon. Parents sometimes assume that when we exercise our freedom, it is a stain upon our upbringing. But not all Indian parents are like this. The situation’s improved in the last few years. We are apparently allowed to date in secret now. Just don’t tell my parents about this.

4. Since Indian parents still believe in the sanctity of arranged marriage, which of course is debatable, they don’t quite appreciate it when a guy proposes marriage to their daughter. It’s not like they don’t trust the judgment of their children (sometimes they don’t) but just that they are over-protective.

5. Indians can sometimes be jailed or taken to task for PDA so they refrain from doing it. It’s not like Indians are not romantic. We people are just a bit shy and conscious about how others perceive and judge us. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge is just a song for us, we don’t really believe in it much.

6. American sitcoms have glorified the idea of going to a strip club after a break-up as the perfect way to move on. But Indians are way too emotionally involved in a relationship to be able to move on with just a nightly distraction. We listen to heart-break songs and sometimes sing them out loud. I am not crying, you’re crying (Tadap Tadap Ke Iss Dil…).

7. Bottle of Wine? No. Sending a letter with the cheesiest lines possible? Definitely. Indians are way too good when it comes to writing cheesy lines. And they use this skill unabashedly.

8. Baby talk comes naturally to Indians. The consonant ‘R’ is usually replaced by the consonant ‘L’. Most other consonants are compensated with ‘T’. “Mele Babu Ne Thana Thaya” is a popular phrase, which translates to “Did my Baby have some food?”

When it comes to love, Indians are quite passionate and involved. Sometimes a little too involved. The involvement of the family can also not be ignored. All jokes apart, the pretty funny side of the Indian Dating Scene has changed quite a bit in the past few years. Relationships have matured up, parents are a little less invasive, and the cheesiness, well that’s something that we cannot really change, can we? What do you feel about these posters? Were we able to depict the concept of love in India versus the rest of the world properly in this article? Do let us know in the comments section.

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