When Celebs Met Santa


The red ball of happiness, Santa Claus, is supposed to be the friendliest person alive. Our knowledge of his unmatched talent comes from the various movies he has starred in. He is a helper and one that  always, always, comes bearing gifts.

But our dear Santa faces problems of a greater degree this Christmas, as he comes face to face with Indian celebs. Read on to find out…

Khan and Rao see some more intolerance here… 

When Aamir Khan Met Santa

When his identity gets misplaced… 

When Alia Bhatt Met Santa

Ahem, Santa be so apolitical…

When Digvijay Singh Met Santa

Madam, Madam everywhere…

When Jayalalita Met Santa

No exceptions! Sorry… (Might’ve helped if Santa got a great cough syrup)

When Kejriwal Met Santa

Santa failed. 

When Manmohan Met Santa

Some travel plans for Christmas…

When Modi Met Santa

If only Santa knew…

When Rahul Gandhi Met Santa


When Rajnikanth Met Santa

Always… Just being human you see…

When Salman Khan Met Santa


When Sonia Gandhi Met Santa

Looks like Santa’d better skip India next time!



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