Smoking- A sticky habit

An insidious practice that’s destroying lives is smoking. You may start smoking just to ‘try’ something new, relieve stress or for the ‘Swag’ but it easily becomes a habit. And if you don’t stop soon, your habit turns into an addiction. The gravity of this problem is evident by the fact that the world now observes “No tobacco day”. It’s easier to quit it when you’ve not developed a habit of it, cause after that your lifestyle gets used to the killer smoke and quitting this custom becomes harder and harder.

We tell you what happens when you start smoking, then decide to quit.

1. You realize that your bowel movements are now dependent on a Cigarette

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (1)

2. A little smoke of a Cigarette from a distance and it’s a test of your will-power

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (2)

3. When you cannot say NO to someone

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (3)

4. Your body gets used to a cigarette to handle stress

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (4)

5. You start finding reasons to have ‘just one.’  Well, it all started with just one, remember? 

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (5)

6. Your friends around you discourage you with their ‘tried and failed’ stories

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (6)

7. You realize that Smoking has become an integral part of your lifestyle

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (7)

Hence, it’s an advice to every youngster out there who wants to try smoking…

Anti-Smoking Illustrations (8)

Smoking, stealthily becomes a part of your life. One moment you’re trying your first cigarette, the next your morning doesn’t start without one. It’s feasible to not take up this habit in the first place because quitting it, isn’t easy. So, beware when you try your first cigarette, it most possibly won’t be your last.

Design: Rohit Bose

Concept: Bishnu N Singh 

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