These Incredible Pics Show NIT Srinagar Has The Most Beautiful Campus In India


College is often the last leg of our homey life, after the three/four years of fun, life takes a whole new turn. A beautiful college campus is just an added joy to bunking classes, hanging out with friends and taking long introspective strolls.

While several colleges stand in contention for being India’s most beautiful college campus’, these pictures from NIT Srinagar courtesy Realms At NIT Srinagar announces a clear winner.

NIT Srinagar (1)Arial View (during summers)

NIT Srinagar (2)View of main building (in winters)

NIT Srinagar (3)Chinar ground (in autumn)

NIT Srinagar (4)Playground

NIT Srinagar (5)Playground (Teaching staffs’ flats in the background)

NIT Srinagar (6)Central Workshop

NIT Srinagar (7)Near Fida Hussain Chachu’s shop

NIT Srinagar (8)Chinar ground at night (High voltage lab and drawing halls in rear)

NIT Srinagar (9)Lecture Halls

NIT Srinagar (10)Jhelum hostel (During snowfall)

NIT Srinagar (11) NIT Srinagar (12)Pic taken from Indus hostel

NIT Srinagar (13)Dal Lake, Back side of the college, Ghat No. 2

NIT Srinagar (14)

Have more beautiful pictures of NIT Srinagar?

Do mail it to us so that we can include them in this article.

Update: Raghav Chauhan and Shubham Pathak from NIT Srinagar have sent us a few more pictures of the beautiful campus

NIT Srinagar - 16 NIT Srinagar-15 NIT Srinagar - 17 NIT Srinagar - 18 NIT Srinagar - 19 NIT Srinagar - 20 NIT Srinagar - 21

Aren’t they just stupendously beautiful?

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