10 Quotes From Football Legends That Will Spark Your Motivation

With billions of fans all around the world, football is way more than just a sport. It’s a universal community that brings nations together. Given the nature of this stiffly competitive game, players undergo laborious practice to give their best shot. With their hard work and passion, they inspire you to keep going and never back down!
With FIFA finale right around the corner, check out these quotes by football legends that will infuse you with confidence!


1. Calm yet victorious

2. Mistakes make a man perfect

3. “To try” is important

4. With success, must come humility

5. Know what you do, in and out

6. Who is the most valuable?

7. Be the best version of yourself!

8. Don’t let challenges scare you!

9. How to tackle self-doubt?

10. Be confident!

These tremendous footballers knew how crucial it’s to keep going and to rise up after falling. They faced every obstacle with sheer confidence and eventually emerged as winners!

Do you have any favourite football quotes that fill you with confidence? Do let us know in the comments!

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