12 Famous People from Kerala Who Made The Nation Proud

Kerala, the South Indian state of coastal beauty, is laced with palm-lined beaches, coffee and spice plantations, diverse wildlife and many more eccentricities. This magnificent region is an epitome of allure. But Kerala is way more than just an abode of charming sceneries and flora-fauna, it is also the homeland of many heroic figures that are known worldwide for their work. These icons, with their diligence and enthusiasm, emerged into successful personages.
We bring you 12 heroes from Kerala who made it big.
1. K.R. Narayanan (considered the best diplomat of the country)
2. P. T. Usha (Queen of the Indian track and field)
3. Arundhati Roy (widely acclaimed author)
4. Dr. Verghese Kurien (the father of white revolution)
5. Sri. G Madhavan Nair ( Esteemed Indian scientist)
6. Vidya Balan (celebrated Bollywood actress)
7. Ajit Balakrishnan (eminent Indian businessman)
8. M. Fathima Beevi ( First female judge of supreme court)
10. Manuel Frederick ( Only Olympian from Kerala)
11.  Anju Bobby George ( Awarded Indian athlete)
12. K.S. Chitra  (Nightingale of South India)
It’s impressive how these epic personalities defied the ordinary and reached the pinnacle of success with their perseverance. Their achievements are inspiring and motivating and will continue to be so.
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