12 Soul-stirring Quotes From William Shakespeare

Some of the wisest words spoken in the history of English Literature is by the unconquerable writer- William Shakespeare. He was one of the greatest visionaries of all times and he gave his share of wisdom through his prolific works composed in his plays, poems and sonnets. To get an insight into the beauty of his writing, here is a list of quotes From William Shakespeare that will stir your soul for good.

1. Your mind is your only best friend, your mind is your only enemy.

2. We have got so many more roles to play.

3. Maybe our fate lies in our hands!

4. He invented 1700 words into the English language and we clearly don’t doubt that!

5. It’s always about the inner beauty.


6. Your greatness lies within you!

7. Self-doubt is the first step to self-destruction.

8. And that answers all our questions!

9. Shakespeare understood life’s humor.

10. Life is indeed a funnily strange place.

11. All your deeds matter. So, be wise and do wise.

12. A life lead with integrity and honour is a life lived right.


13. Everything precious can be malicious too. Be wise.

Heralded as the world’s most celebrated figure of the English language, Shakespeare is the greatest playwright and poet the world ever witnessed. His quotes are nothing less than a piece of art and never fail to give readers, goose-bumps! Hope it had the same effect on you and spoke loudly to your heart and soul.

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