12 Stats and Facts About Guns You Should Know

Guns are dangerous if they are in the wrong hands, but they are also fantastic items for gun lovers that know how to work with them and are no threat to society. Billions of people worldwide are gun lovers, and they enjoy holding firearms in their hands.

If you’re one of these people, you know how joyful the moment of shooting the firearm is. That tension between you and the gun and the moment when it goes off is something that nothing else can describe. Guns are exciting, and there’s no question about it.

In this article, we’re sharing some facts and stats about guns that every firearm lover should know. Keep reading and find out some interesting things about them, which will eventually teach you to be even more careful than you are and will surprise you with how amazing these things are.

1. 4.6 million children live in unsafely kept gun homes

There’s no other way to start the stats countdown than highlighting the need for safety. According to sources, 4.6 million children live in homes where guns by their parents are left unprotected and loaded.

The best way to protect your children is to own a Spika gun safe or another safety solution and prevent access for children to your guns. Kids can’t make adult decisions, and one wrong move might have fatal consequences for them.

2. Americans have 120 guns on 100 people

US citizens have the highest number of guns by percentage in the world. They own around 393 million guns, which means that there are more guns than people. Of course, some people don’t own any, while others have more than a dozen, but it’s a still staggering number.

3. US citizens feel like there’s no proper debate about guns

85% of people claim that they are being silenced when it comes to talking about guns and the right to own them. It doesn’t matter what kind of opinion you may have; if you’re a US citizen, chances are you don’t feel heard when it comes to debating about guns and owning firearms.

4. The first firearm was created in 1364

The first firearm was created more than 750 years ago. Since then, very little has changed in the way guns are made. The first weapon held by hands was called a “hand cannon” because until then, armies only had cannons that used this firing technique.

5. US citizens purchase 17 million guns in six months

In 2020, during the first six months of Covid-19, Americans purchased 17 million guns. Reports claim that some of these people who were buying during these times were first-time buyers. They had never bought or owned a gun before.

6. Protection is the reason for 67% of citizens to buy guns

According to stats, people buy firearms to protect themselves. With crime rates soaring, people are afraid for their lives and belongings. Since in many US states, private property is sacred, people are free to stand their ground, making guns the best option.

7. Only 13 US states require background checks

Only 13 US states and the District of Columbia require background checks for people buying guns. It means that gun shop owners in more than 35 states can sell guns without worrying about who will sell the firearm. They may be serial killers or terrorists, and no one would bat an eye.

8. In 2013, companies produced 10,844,792 guns

The record number of firearms produced in one year happened in 2013 when companies created 10,844,792 guns. They didn’t sell all, but that’s the highest number on data.

9. The lowest number was in 2001

Interestingly, the year that the least number of guns were produced was 2001, when companies delivered 2,932,655 guns. After the 9/11 incident, people rushed to the stores to buy more guns.

10. Nearly 70% of Americans are pro-guns

Around 30% of US citizens admit to owning a gun, while another 36% claim to consider getting a gun in the future. Most of them are into handguns and less into shotguns and rifles. Nearly all of them want guns for personal protection.

11. The most expensive gun in the world is worth $5,8 million

The famous singing pistols dating back to 1820 are available for gun collectors ready to pay $5,8 million for each of the two guns. Only four of these guns were produced in 1820, but they are made so good that collectors crave them.

12. The average US gun owner is an adult white male

According to stats, 48% of gun owners are adult male whites. Adult males are twice as likely to buy a gun than their female peers, and most gun owners in the US are white, making them more likely to own a gun than any other skin color.

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