15 Indian Athletes Who Battled Their Way To Success


In a country obsessed with Cricket, athletes have time and again brought glory to the nation. Practicing, competing and conquering away from all limelight, a few athletes unfolded into legends and won laurels with their hardwork, determination, and grit. So, we bring you the stories of 15 such Indian athletes who battled their way to success.


1. Dhanraj Pillay- From practicing with broken hockey sticks to winning Asian Cup

Dhanraj Pillay

2. Gagan Narang- Came from a poor family yet won Bronze in London Olympics

Gagan Narang

3. Krishna Poonia- Milked buffaloes to strengthen her arms, won Gold in Commonwealth Games


4. Saina Nehwal- came from a family with limited means, became world’s no.1 Badminton player


5. Sardara Singh- Practiced with limited money, won gold in Asian Games

Sardara Singh

6. Mary Kom- Came from a poor financial background, won Gold in Asian Games

Mary Kom

7. Milkha Singh- Struggled throughout his young life, won 4 Golds in Asian Games


Milkha Singh

8. PT Usha- Financially unstable while young, won 13 medals in Asian games


9. Sarita Devi- Struggled with family to survive, won Gold at world championships 

Sarita Devi

10. Shiva Kesgavan- Struggled with money, won Gold at Asian Luge Cup

Shiva Keshavan

11. Shubham Jaglan- Practiced watching youtube, won junior world golf championships

Shubham Jaglan

12. Sushil Kumar- Barely trained cause of lack of money, won Gold at Asian Games

Sushil Kumar

13. Vijender Singh- Faced financial difficulties, won Gold at Asian Games

Vijender Singh

To succeed, one needs preparation more than luck. These sportsmen and their undying passion are an exemplar of how one can achieve great heights with limited resources. Next time if you feel demotivated or curse your fortune, remember how these guys made it big and battled their way to success.

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