12 Most Badass Indian Women Who Made History

Women often cited as the God’s most beautiful creation, tend to rule many domains of the world. Shockingly, some Indians fail to appreciate the flair of women and make them face absurd adversities. However, now the stereotypical outlook for women in India has been shattered. Over the years our country has seen women, who broke all the barriers and made it so big that history cannot forget them. Be it politics, army or science, Indian women have excelled everywhere.

We bring you 12 such badass women, who made history.

Laxmi Sehgal-Freedom fighter


Phoolan Devi-The Bandit Queen


Iron Sharmila-The Iron lady of Manipur


Kiran Bedi-The Game Changer

most-badass-indian-women-4Neerja Bhanot- A martyr


Ahilyabai Holkar- Warrior Queen of Indore


Savitri Bai Phule-The first woman teacher


Shanti Tigga- First Woman Jawan of Indian Army


Sunitha Krishnan- Rape survivor to survivor


Sarla Thakral- First pilot of India


Alisha Abdullah- India’s first female racing champion


Tessy Thomas- First woman head of Missile Project


The one thing common in all these women is sheer conviction towards what they love. They repeatedly shattered the patriarchal perspective of the stereotypical Indian minds and braved through the male-dominated surroundings. Women club bravery with care, love and motherly attitude. This blend of outstanding qualities is women’s greatest strength and indeed what makes them God’s miraculous creation.

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