13 Whooping Facts About Bigg Boss Every Fan Must Know


Bigg Boss 10 is going to begin soon enough and with are going to begin the family get-togethers each night! We know you dig into all the gossip and drama, but what we have for you here are things that you probably did not know about your favourite show! 


From who is the voice behind ‘Bigg Boss chahte hain…’ to what the residents really eat (or drink), we have bared it all for you. So just as you gear up for the show, read on to enjoy it better! 

1. Not too old to win 

2. Prince indeed! 

3. That must’ve hurt! 

4. Thoko Taali!!

5. Surely way too long for the contestants! 

6. Wild card doesn’t play that wild! 


7. Goody was good!

8. Only that much for the Baywatch queen?

9. Aha! Now we know!

10. Big boss chahte hain….

11. Now you see me!  

12. Like a boss!  

Now you can know whose lifestyle is the healthiest. Just remember, juice is healthy and Bigg Boss is watching! 

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