15 Best Movies to Watch With Kids


Are you looking for family-friendly movies to watch with kids? Being a fun parent is as tough as being a responsible one. In this busy world, we often sought a balance between professional and personal life. Therefore, establishing a bond with your little ones is getting harder and harder.


Your kid might impose on watching gory movies like Land Of The Dead! But Don’t you worry! As we have listed some really amazing movies to watch with your kids. Take a weekend off for your children and spend some family time with them. You can easily find these movies on Netflix and other streaming apps. With that, let’s begin:

The List Of Best Kids Movies:

How to Train Your Dragon

How to train your dragon is an action fantasy animated film that is clearly one of the best kids’ movies. The movie revolves around a fifteen-year-old boy, Hiccup, and a dragon. It will certainly teach the value of compassion and empathy to your children. As in this movie, Hiccup showed some courage and rescued the dragon. With his compassion, he changed the world, which hated dragons, but now co-exists with them.

Toy Story

If you want to have a good laugh with your whole family, this movie will surely do the job.  It is an animated comedy film. The movie introduces you to the world where toys are living beings, but their owners are unaware of it. Therefore, the toys go through a lot of trouble not to get replaced by new toys. It is an adventurous joyride to watch.  It is rated at 8.3 on IMDb.

The Muppet Movie

A group of Muppets embarks on a journey to Hollywood. While on their way, they are faced with unforeseen challenges. The movie is a full package of comedy, drama, and romance. By the end of the movie, your little one will understand the value of hard work and determination. It teaches that however challenging the situation might be, you will always overcome it.

Harry Potter

Spend your night in a place full of magic and witchcraft with Harry Potter, the main character. The movie is about a boy who learns his true identity and fascinating truths about his life. He embarks on an adventurous journey to become a magician to his boarding school, Hogwarts. This Series of movies will surely encourage your child to make life-changing decisions without being afraid.

Finding Nemo

Would you like to teach your younger ones that Mom and Dad are always there for them? Then this movie is delightful to watch with a loving message of always listening to your parents.  It tells the story of a young clownfish who sneaks away from his father and gets wandered off in the ocean. The animated film ends on a happy note as the father and son reunite. Rated at 8.1 on IMDb.

The Karate Kid (2010)

A better version of the 1984 classic, the movie is rated at 6.2 on IMDb. Primarily focused on the younger audience, it is a perfect fit to watch with the family. The story revolves around a 12-year-old boy Dre Parker, who is often bullied by the stronger kids. Fed up with his situation, the kid starts learning Kung fu to defeat the bullies. The movie is inspired by real-life events.

Mary Poppins

Rated at 7.8 on IMDb, this film is one of the most beloved ones. It has a musical setting and celebrates childhood in a wonderful manner. It is a family film as the movie revolves around a nanny and the children. The nanny, whose name is Mary, looks after the kids.  But the twist is that Mary possesses some magical powers.



Every kid’s superhero bucket is empty if there is no Spider-man from New York City. Well, this superhero doesn’t need any introduction, and your bundle of joy might already be a fan of Spiderman. Show some interest in your child’s loving character and see their face light up with joy. Enjoy this heartwarming movie with some live-action as the hero fights the villain.

Princess Bride

4 stars rated animated movie which has got it all for you. Whether it’s about comedy,  adventure,  romance, or fantasy, you get the best of all the worlds. It is one of the best movies for kids as they go on a magical journey of two lovers. This film shows the power of true love and sacrifice. Your kids will love the film.

New Orleans

A story of a girl Miralee Smith, who falls in love with an ordinary guy Nick Duquesne. But the story is not as simple as it sounds because the girl’s parents are strictly against their relationship. This musical romance film will not only fill your heart with love, but it will also open doors for such conversations with your kids.

The Lego Movie

Legos are not just for play-time! And this movie provides it. Here you have a hilarious movie with top-notch special effects that has the best humor. You will laugh until your tummy hurts. The movie is animated and action-packed. It has a coming of age story for smart kids. The tale is about a simple person (LEGO figurine) who is identified as an extraordinary being, a prime key in saving the world.


A feel-good fairy tale Disney movie for your young girl. Based on a journey of a simple girl with a middle-class family background.  Things change for the better for her when she leaves an everlasting impression on a charming prince.  The girl Cinderella ends up marrying the prince despite her stepsisters and step-mother’s evil attempts.

Batman Returns

Most of the children are fascinated by superheroes. Here is yet another favorite superhero of kids, Batman. A Tim Burton film, Batman Returns, is based on DC comics, brought to you by The Warner Bros. So if your child is a big comic fan, you should definitely introduce this film. The movie is action-packed with drama, which will keep the adrenaline rush going. The film is rated at 7 on IMDb.

The Jungle Book

There are many Disney Films that remain on top of the chart. Similarly, the Jungle Book is an ideal selection to watch on a family movie night.  It is an animated fantasy adventure film that depicts the journey of a kid, Mowgli. Mowgli, a man-cub, is practically raised by the animals in the jungle who treated him as their own. The film is a treat to watch and will leave your child giggling for the rest of the night.

Home alone

The list of the best kids movies would have been incomplete without this classic. A family is on its way to celebrate holidays in Paris, but on the way, realizes that they left their son at home.  While the parents get worried as hell to reach home, the young boy Kevin has no problem in being all by himself. But the adrenaline rush comes when two thieves set their eye on the house in which Kevin is to plan a robbery. The movie is rated at 7.6 on IMDb.

Conclusion – Best Movies For Kids

This concludes the list of best kids’ movies that you can watch anytime. From some of 20th Century Fox brilliance to an array of Disney films that can never go wrong. Some characters, like Mary Poppins, are inspired by a true story.

You might find many well-directed movies starring some famous personalities. From all-time classic like Home Alone to a little bit magical like Disney Toy Story,



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