3 Casino Games That Are Better Played in Real Life

Online casinos have become very popular over the years. Today, there are thousands of casinos serving millions of customers in every corner of the globe. Their popularity is due especially to their accessibility: you don’t have to travel to Goa to play online roulette, you can do it on your smartphone or computer without leaving your home. The games you’ll find at JackpotCity are mostly replicas of games you’ll find in a real-life casino resort. Arguably, some of them are way more fun to play online than they are to play in the real thing. There are, in turn, exceptions that are clearly more fun to play in person.


Roulette is a casino game that’s been around for centuries. Invented in France, it conquered the entire world – today, no casino (as in the brick-and-mortar establishment) exists that doesn’t have roulette, even if only as an electronic roulette machine. 

Roulette is among the most popular online casino games, too, but its popularity is probably not due to its entertainment value but to its safe betting options and ease of use. But is it fun to play? Well… not so much, because its transition to the internet took away much of its charm.

There is something magical about the big, felt-covered table that you can stand around, with casino chips stacked in front of you, placing them on the numbers you fancy. The voice of the croupier, the sound of the ball circling the wheel, then settling in a numbered slot, the cheers of the winners around the table is something that can’t be reproduced by a game of online roulette.

That’s why online casinos introduced live dealer games, after all.


Another game of French origin, baccarat – and its Asian variety Macao – is pretty entertaining to play at an online casino. Its fast pace and simple rules make it a great choice for beginners and seasoned players alike. But it has a little something extra when it is played in a real-life casino: tension.

The dealer at a baccarat table on a casino floor will often “squeeze” the hidden cards, revealing them slowly, thus creating extra anticipation and tension which is released when the card is finally revealed. A “traditional” game of online baccarat simply doesn’t create the same anticipation – it is fun to play mostly because of its simplicity and fast pace, and potential for big wins. 


Finally, here is one game that simply doesn’t work in an online casino setting: craps. People have gambled using dice for centuries, creating countless games in the process with different rules. Craps is one of them – it is the variant played in casinos, on a felt-covered table, and well-established rules.

The game of casino craps is unique as it doesn’t have a dealer or croupier like other table games – their role in the game is to supervise, not to throw the dice. The work is all done by the players themselves. The shooter – the person throwing the dice – is selected from the players surrounding the table. The shooter bets and throws the dice – the bystanders also bet on various options and outcomes and cheer for the shooter’s successful throws. In a casino, making loud noises around the tables is usually frowned upon – not at the craps table, though, where cheering is actually encouraged. Whenever you enter a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll probably find the craps table first thanks to the cheerful crowd surrounding it. 

Craps can be played in online casinos, too – but it’s simply not the same. Without the crowd surrounding the table, cheering whenever the dice stop at a good combination, the game simply falls flat.

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