3 Perfect Solutions For Fragile Items In Self Storage Units

Self-Storage is a big solution for storing numerous things like electronics, furniture, appliances, photos and books, seasonal items, and bikes. It’s also good for car storage, moving storage, garage storage, business storage, tool storage and so much more! Self storage in USA is versatile, which is why top self storage companies including us are so obsessive about it!

Whether you are storing for a couple of months or 10 years, it’s significant to correctly stock up your items. Especially delicate and fragile things like jewelry, glasses, porcelain, bone china, clothing and fabrics, etc you name it. Why? 

Incorrectly storing fragile items can consequence in them breaking or being damaged beyond repair. And depending on what that item is, it could be expensive to replace or fix it. With over 20 years of self-storage experience and being one of the storage companies in London, Ontario.

We’ve seen our fair share of items stored, which is why we’re sharing some crucial and not to forget points. While packing fragile items and storing them for a long use always adopt the largest self storage companies in the US. There are several things that you can do to assist and prevent damage. Try to maintain their current condition with the help of the best self storage companies. 


1. Use of appropriate tools and equipments 

Once you’ve packed the whole thing securely, you’ll want to make sure it remains in one piece while you travel. Remember not to lift heavy items on your own. Instead, seek the help of the largest self storage companies in the US. Look for the best self storage companies that offer a move-in truck driver as well as tools like ramps and dollies. Lifting of heavier items such as antique furniture pieces or huge files. See if the company has loading docks and forklifts, with certified drivers, as well as pallet and pallet jacks.

2. Do not elevate Fragile Items  

For many other pieces of storage, elevation is not compulsory. However, when storing breakables, it is significant to keep them close to the floor. Items that weigh more than 25 pounds per square foot should not be stacked above 5 feet. If you need to stack items higher than that, think using pallets in its place. Pallets are intended to hold abundant quantities of items, making them an ultimate solution for breakable inventory storage.

A self-storage like one of self storage in USA’s private rooms provides protection to your items when they are stored. However, the procedure of bring them into the storage facility, placing them properly within the leased self-storage unit bring challenges. Removing them or other items from the storage unit also introduces challenges for the covering. Hence, it is significant that safe packaging practices are followed which can be achieved by storage companies in London Ontario. 

3. Wrap all items separately  

One of the most widespread packing mistakes is to group related items together, like place all the kitchen items collectively. This will lessen the risk of scratches on the material and the best self storage companies keep these things in mind. 

You can also cover the minor containers in bubble wrap before putting them in the bigger box.  Note: Storage companies in London Ontario use cardboard dividers or cell boxes to pack your glasses and flutes. Cell boxes are chiefly useful for stemware because they permit you to pack glasses jointly by top self storage companies. 

Take your time to shop for packaging materials and pack your fragile items carefully to avoid damage while moving. Most top self storage companies offer climate control units to store sensitive stuff. They can also offer other convenient features like surveillance systems, access control, and dollies and ramps for secure transport.

If you don’t want to pack the fragile items yourself, or is unsure about how to go about it. You should seek professional help out from your moving company. Most movers have dedicated boxes and containers for managing fragile items, like picture/mirror frame and dish packs they can use. 


Largest self storage companies in US are helping people to pack their stuffs properly. They ensure of the safe delivery of the items to the destination as it the need of the client. Self storage in USA is much popular due to this fact only that they ensure of their work and services. These well known and reputed companies perform their jobs with perfection and get you ultimate results. If you want your fragile item to be safe and secure go for best packaging. Opt the best service provider and book them for your displacement to another place safely.

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