30 Stand Up Comedy Meme Templates Which Will Make You Go ROFL


The stand-up comedy scene has seen a radical transformation in recent years with the advent on the social media and popularity of YouTube. The new technology and the new-age media facilitated the rise of a flurry of stand up comedians who have been performing in comedy clubs and stages all across the country as well as have created hilarious viral videos with their acts. This virality has also led to a number of Stand up comedy meme templates which have become popular amongst twitteratis and memers.


We bring you some of the best Stand Up Comedy meme templates which will make you go LOL!

1. When my friend says ‘Meri wali alag hai’ and finally has a breakup.
Me: Aa gaya swaad?

2. When I try to pamper her a lot and she finally friend zones me.
Me: Aansuon se pet bhar liya

3. Whenever I fight with my elder sibling and my parents scold me.
Me: Ab chhote ladko ki hi bejjati kar sakte hain kya hum

4. Me watching Politicians making big and unrealistic promises during elections.
Me: Yaahi baatein toh baad mein yaad aayengi

5. Indian Army to Modi: Sir, Baadal Hai…Planes Pakistan nahi bhej sakte
Modi Ji: Baadal Important Hai

6. When my friend says he will quit smoking, start waking up at 6 AM and
will start running at least 5kms every day.  Me:
Jyaada ho raha hai

7. Me asking tea, breakfast, lunch, watching TV and doing almost everything else on the bed.
My Mom sarcastically: Ek kam kar, idhar hi hagg de

8. Whenever someone in my groups buys the latest iPhone.
Me: Gareebo dekho, aise dikhte hain ameer log

9. My doodhwala after adding 2 litres water in 1 litre of Milk:
Inko kya hi pata chalega

10. Whenever my relatives ask aage ka kya socha hai.
Me: Iska answer toh nahi aata Mujhe

11. My friend asking Zomato for refund. Zomato Customer care saying they can’t give the refund.
Me: Karwali Bezzati

12. My 9-year-old brother not eating after having a fight with my parents.
Me: Kis baat ka attitude hai bhai tujh mein

13. Me going to a temple and concentrating on the cute girl standing nearby instead of the Puja.
Inner Me to Myself: Kitna ganda aadmi hoon mein yaar

14. Me listening to random things in Rahul Gandhi’s Speech: Koi Sense ha is baat ki?

15. Student preparing for IAS exam seeing an interesting question on Kaun Banega Crorepati: Laa idhar likhlu kahin ye UPSC exam mein na aa jaaye

16. Whenever Dhruv Rathee starts giving expert advice on politics, health, economy, international affairs, defence etc etc etc. Experts: Main kya karu fir? Job Chhod dun!


17. Friend asks me to go and express my feelings to my crush.
Me: Mujhe mere kismat ke baare mein maloom hai

18. When my friend doesn’t know about my 4 girlfriends of the past and starts giving me relationship advice. Me: Mujhe pata hai sikhao mat tum log

19.Whenever my girlfriend says me Sorry!
Me: Oh ho bahut hi rare moment of my life

20. My friend who just entered a relationship and says he has found the love of his life.
Me: Pyaar Mohobbat dhoka hai

21. When my friends form a huddle around me as soon as I step out of Viva to ask how was it.
Me: Saas to len de bey

22. Backbenchers with 45% teasing the toppers when Semester begins:
Tum bhi yahi ho hum bhi yahi ho

23.  Whenever Congress starts speaking about the problems with the BJP Government.
BJP Supporters to Congress:
Tumne bhi kucch ukhada ni hai

24. Whenever a girl says Feminism is about equality and not preferential treatment.
Yaar…Ye kitni awesome hai Yaar

25. When my friend who already owes me money asks me for more.
Me: Ye kaisi dosti hai

26. HR: Kal se sabko time sheet bharna padegi
Me: Ye to mazdooron waale kaam karwa rahe hain

27. When my friend keeps telling me to join Network Marketing.
Me: Ye dalol jaisi baatein nahi

28. When my Class 8 Biology teacher says that she wants to have a special class only for the girls. 13 Year Old Me: Yeh kaun si meeting hai jahan mujhe nahi bulaate

29. My friend after he is 4 pegs down: Ab Mein Gyaan Chodunga

30. Every young sibling seeing elder sibling being pampered with gifts, etc:
Meri toh feelings hi nahi hai

31. Whenever I install a new app on my mobile.
App on Notification:
Excuse Me Brother…brother idhar

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Which of these stand-up comedy meme templates you will absolutely love?


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