4 Negotiating Life Hacks That Will Save You Money While Traveling

Whether you’re going away on vacation or business, pinching the pennies can help you stretch your budget, whilst still getting the full experience of a new place. So, here are some useful tips to make every last dollar count while traveling.

Find cheaper accommodation

Accommodation is easily the most expensive part of the trip and hotel stays can bump up that cost a lot. Consider finding comfortable alternatives that are not so rigid about their prices. If you opt for substitutes such as inns, Airbnbs, and motels, you can slash your expense considerably.  

The experts at negotiations.com advise you to keep your cards close to your chest and avoid revealing how much money you have or what you had planned to spend. If service providers get even the slightest hint that you have more in the back pocket, it could cost you the negotiation. It also helps to cut out the middleman from your negotiations and pocket the difference, so whenever possible approach sellers directly.

Know when you can bargain

In some places, bargaining is a routine part of the selling process, but not always. If you try to bargain in the wrong place it may put the seller off or even come across as a sign of disrespect. 

For instance, in some cultures, haggling over the price of cooked food can be taken as an insult to the cook. So, keep your eyes peeled to pick out situational cues. It helps to look around and get the general tone of the place you’re in before you try to bargain. 

Do your research

Before you set out to enjoy your trip, do some groundwork to get the full picture of the usual prices and values of goods and services where you are going. In some places, vendors can push up prices to draw as much value from unsuspecting visitors as possible. If you know the prices beforehand, you can present a stronger case for the vendors to drop the price. 

It also helps to stay sharp and quickly calculate exchange rates to figure out the value of the item in your local currency to avoid getting fleeced.

Learn the local language

Using the local language can help you gain trust and build rapport with the sellers. While you may not become fluent, having a few important phrases down pat can help you smoothen the experience. You can also quickly pick up if the seller is attempting to pull a fast one on you.

All in all, you can use these tips to hold on to as much of your money as possible while you enjoy your trip.

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