5 Screwdrivers Every Set Should Have

Screwdrivers often take up a lot of room in tool boxes, because having a variety of screwdrivers and screwdriver bits is imperative given that there is no one universal screw that can be used in everything from decking and framing to woodworking. 

There are five main types of screwdrivers that every screwdriver set should have.

  1. Flat/Slotted screwdrivers

Although flathead screws are no longer as extensively used in construction as was once the case, they are still widely used in furniture manufacture as well as cabinetmaking projects and even some electrical applications.

Flat/slotted screwdrivers can be used in the installation of plate covers on switches and outlets and when it is vital to ensure that a screw does not get over-tightened. 

Flathead screwdriver bits can be used with ratcheting screwdrivers and drills, though keeping a number of flat manual screwdrivers in your toolbox is also a good idea. They come labelled by the tip size as well as the steel shank length. The former can vary from mere fractions of millimetres for tightening eyeglass screws to over an inch for industrial size screws. When a screwdriver is being matched to a flat screw it is important to choose one that fits the screw head slot’s depth and width.

  1. Phillips screwdrivers

Phillips screws can be identified by the plus sign on their heads and are widely used in construction and woodworking. These screwdrivers and bits are labelled “Ph” and then a number that can be anything from 0000 to up to 4, though those driver sizes are not correspondent with the sizes of Phillips screws. 

Manual or ratcheting screwdrivers can be used for the installation of just one or two such screws, but for construction projects that use a notorious number of them a power drill complete with interchangeable Phillips bits would be the most efficient choice. 

  1. Hex key screwdrivers

Hex keys are usually small and often found in doorknobs as well as faucet handles, towel bars and a number of mechanical installations. A hex key screwdriver, often also referred to as an Allen screwdriver, is needed to loosen or tighten hex keys. 

These screwdrivers and bits vary in size in order to be able to fit hex head screw recesses. 

Allen screwdrivers are normally T or L-shaped manual screwdrivers, though Allen bits can be used with drills and ratcheting screwdrivers. 

  1. Robertson screwdrivers

Reduced screwdriver slippage is one of the big advantages of the Robertson screw, which is used extensively in remodelling and construction projects, particularly when installing subflooring. Ratcheting and manual square recess screwdrivers can be found.

  1. Torx screwdrivers

A favourite of builders is the Torx screw, which uses a 6-point recessed star in various sizes and is designated by T sizes from T1 to T100. The T15 and T25 are commonly used in building for finish work and structural framing. Ratcheting and manual screwdrivers are available.

There are only two uses for screwdrivers – to remove screws or to insert them. Screwdriver types are defined by tips that are matched to the particular design of certain screw heads, and extra variation can be added by the manner of the screwdriver’s operation. 

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