6 Secret Instagram Tricks to Boost Your Profile

Instagram has been around forever. At least, that is what it feels like to us youngsters (sorry boomers). However, that does not mean everything about the app is public knowledge. In fact, despite my constant employment in writing about social media, I keep getting surprised with new and interesting tricks that have remained secret from me.

Whether it is about you wanting to gain more Instagram followers or to get more engagement on your profile, there is always something that might have escaped your attention. No more. Today, we shall list six secret tricks from Instagram that you can use to boost your profile.

1. Special fonts in the bio

Let us face it. When it comes to customization, Instagram is boring. You get a few filters, basic photo manipulation, etc. and that is it. However, there is not much control over how you want your bio to look.

Actually, there is. It is just not widely known. To include cool and custom fonts on your bio, use an online tool like Lingo Jam. Here, you can type in the text you want, and it will display several font options to you. Choose the one you like, hit copy, and paste it in your bio. That is all.

2. Special characters in captions or bio

Remember, even these special characters are nothing but text. And the space for your bio/caption is nothing but a textbox. If you can type it, Instagram can display it. The problem is typing. Luckily, this will not remain a problem anymore.

From the Play Store or the App Store, install a character map application like Character Map. These applications contain a list of all sorts of special characters. Select and copy the one you need and paste it wherever you want. 

P.S. While posting to Instagram from a PC is a trick in itself, you can find special characters in the “Character Map” application that Windows PCs ship with. If you are on a Mac, open MS Word and use the “Insert -> Symbols” option to find special characters.

3. Use the “Create” mode to its full potential

While stories may not appear on your profile permanently unless you add them to a highlight, they are exceedingly powerful. If you select the “Create” mode after swiping right on the Instagram homepage, you will notice that there are multiple capture buttons, separated just the way that the list of filters is separated in normal story mode. These are multiple “Create” modes that Instagram offers. Use these modes to your advantage.

They include Shoutout, Mention, Quiz, Poll, GIF, and a few other options, and there is one to suit every scenario. Use these modes wisely and you will have a profile to make everyone jealous. You can even buy instagram followers for your profile and get the maximum engagement. 

4. Manage comments

Instagram allows you to filter, delete, and disable comments from your posts. The first of these options is universal. If you go into Settings and search for comments, you will find a “Hide inappropriate comments” option. Under this option, you can enter keywords that Instagram will automatically search for in comments on your profile and filter them from your post. 

If you want to delete a comment, quickly swipe left on it and done! Deleting has never been so easy. Or you can take things a step further and click the three dots next to a post and under advanced options, select disable commenting. Then, no one will be able to comment on your post regardless of anything.

5. Control who tags you

On your Instagram profile, you will find a “tagged” section that displays all posts you have been tagged in. You can visit it by clicking the tag icon with a person inside it. 

Now, open any post and tap edit. There, you will find a switch that says, “Manually approve tags”. Turn it on to be notified when you are tagged and approve it manually. 

Further, you can long-press to select these “tagged” photos and hide many or as few as you want from your profile. This is a pretty feature that comes in handy when someone tags you somewhere embarrassing.

6. Links in profile

Instagram only allows you to add a single link to your profile. This can be a pain in the you-know-what to manage and update frequently. Instead, tell your followers that the link is in bio.

There are literally hundreds of free link sharing and management tools out there like Linktr.ee, Link in bio, etc. These tools allow you to add a list of links, all available from one single webpage. Share the link to that webpage on your profile and that is it. You never have to worry about changing the profile link repeatedly. Just add/remove it from the website you use to manage links and done.


Those were six tricks to boost your Instagram profile that people either don’t know or are so rarely used that they often forget. We hope they come in handy for you. If you have any you would like to share, leave them in the comments box below.

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