6 Ways To Win A Man’s Heart on the First Date

Women might not be the stronger of the two sexes, but they are definitely the more powerful. Women use their brains to win arguments and gain an advantage in their relationships with men. With these advantages, it’s clear that when you’re on a date, and you like the other person, you should use your brains to impress them.

Many women will think that just because they are beautiful, they’ve done their role, and now it’s up to men to make all the moves. This might be true in many cases, but the most that this woman would get is a one-night stand, and most women are not into that.

If you want to win the man’s heart on the first date, you need to use a strategy that will create an aura of positivity. You need to make them feel good around you and let them know what they are getting if they decide to continue with the dating process.

In this article, we’re sharing six essential tips you need to use if you want to win a man’s heart on the very first date. Follow up and see what you need to do to make sure there will be a second date without taking them to your place.

1. Wear a tight red dress

Men are visual beings – they focus on your looks rather than what you say. When you’re going on a first date, you need to leave an impression and look stunning.

Research shows that a tight red dress for women with adorable bodies is almost a finished job. Men that see you look fabulous will be instantly interested in you. From there on, you have their full attention, and you just need to make them fall in love with the rest of you.

2. Be on high heels

Unless the first date happens in the morning while you’re going for your morning run in the park, you need to show up in high heels. Before going on a date, look for the perfect women’s heels in Australia, and pick something fantastic.

Find excellent new shoes that will match the rest of the clothes perfectly. Men are not really into colors and designs, but they do know what a sexy figure is. Your heels will surely highlight your legs and sweep this person off their feet.

3. Be positive and outgoing

No one likes to listen to the other person’s problems when they are on a date. Imagine how you’d feel if the other person started talking about their exes and how amazing they were. That would be a terrible experience for you, which means you need to focus on jokes, positive energy, and laughter.

Skip the serious talk about critical social issues, leave politics aside, and enjoy life. You’re on a date with a man, not in the city council. Be relaxed and enjoy the evening. There will be time for more talks after a dozen dates.

4. Ask questions about them, and don’t be ashamed to talk

The worst enemy of first-time dates is silence. If you get that moment of awkward silence, you’re done. It means that you are not enjoying your time there, and you need to change something. Instead of waiting for that moment – talk.

Talk about the things you’re skilled in, ask many questions about what they are doing in life, and listen to their answers. Be part of the conversation and happily interrupt them with a joke. That’s how talks move to a higher level, after which people are thrilled by the time spent.

5. Wear proper makeup

Many girls are not sure how to apply makeup for first dates and for different occasions. It’s different going on an evening date and brunch. Read a bit about this on the internet, and see how to apply makeup according to the occasion properly.

Contrary to what women think, men don’t like too much makeup. Yes, you might spend a lot of time, and men need to appreciate this, but they have never applied makeup in their lives, so they don’t know the struggle. Instead, apply just enough to look good, but don’t go overboard and look like a clown.

6. Let them feel like they are dominating

Men are hunters and love hunting their prey. Since forever, they feel women are their prey, so it’s a great idea to let them feel like they are dominating you. Let them brag about how strong they are, how successful they’ve been, and how capable they are in particular areas of life.

A man’s ego goes a long way; the funniest part is that men don’t even know this. The time will come when you can confront them without worrying about their feelings, but for now, you can just act surprised by their abilities. Let them dominate; they’ll feel great.

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