7 Gift Ideas for a Car Fanatic

When a friend or family member is car-obsessed, it can seem like unless you buy them the car of their dreams, nothing else will come close. In reality, most people will be more than happy with any kind of gift, and if you show them that you have considered their interests and put real effort into your gift selection, it will mean the world to them. The question, of course, is what car-themed gifts are out there. Whether they are male or female, young, old, or somewhere in between, here are seven great gift ideas for the car fanatic in your life. 

1. Car maintenance kit

It might be a stereotype, but it seems that car fans are often far more committed to car maintenance and care than the average person. Whether they own a modern sports car, a vintage classic, or an everyday run around, they care for their cars as they would their pets or even children. From polishing and waxing to shining their wheels, a car maintenance kit could be the perfect gift. Alternatively, you could buy them a voucher for a full valet at a local car wash. 

2. Collectables

If they are a collector of car memorabilia and you know what they are interested in, you might be able to boost their collection. Of course, they may not have started a collection of car models or memorabilia yet, but buying them their first set of diecast models could ignite a lifelong hobby. 

3. Clothing or accessories

If you are not confident that you know what types of cars they are interested in, you could go more a more general gift like a t-shirt or sweater with classic cars, logos, or nameplates on them. Another option is a piece of jewelry or an accessory like a set of cufflinks in the shape of steering wheels, a car logo, or pistons, or carbon fiber watches or rings. 

4. Houseware

Many of the top cars in the world include lightweight carbon fiber in their design, including Lamborghinis, BMWs, Porsches, and Ferraris. Carbon fiber is a sleek and cool-looking material, which makes it ideal for many household items. There are also lots of kitchenware items that have been created using tools and other bits of kit often found in a garage. 

5. Model car kits

It does not matter how old they are; a ‘build it yourself’ car kit from Lego, Technic, or Meccano can provide hours and hours of fun with a fantastic working model at the end. Many kits have moving parts such as wheels, doors, and even steering, and some can be controlled by an app on a smartphone to turn them into a remote-control car. 

6. Racing video games

Perfect for car fans who have not yet passed their driving test, modern video games are an incredible source of entertainment thanks to lifelike graphics and virtual reality headsets. They may not replicate the real experience, but racing video games provide players with a simulated racing experience in some of the world’s best cars.

7. Driving experience

Of course, if they have their driving license and are old enough (and you have the budget), one of the most impressive gifts you can give a car fan is a racetrack driving experience in their dream sports car.

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