7 Phrases to Help You Reduce the Price for Buying a Car

If you negotiate with the car seller correctly, the price tag that is originally set can be dropped by 5% or even 25%. What do you need to say to buy a car profitably? Read in the article.

1. The car is problematic, I’ll take it at a discount

This trick will be relevant after checking the vehicle history. If there are no serious problems such as theft, fines, or technical defects, but there will be a small accident or one unpaid fine, you can bargain with the owner. If on the technical side, everything is okay and you like the car, you can show the seller the FAXVIN report and say that you are ready to take the car at a discount.

2. The assembly is worse, but the price is the same

Compare your favorite car with other similar models. If under equal conditions and price the equipment is poorer than its analogs, and the cost is higher, you can negotiate with the owner and ask for a discount. Even if some of the options are not particularly needed, the seller does not know about it.

3. The brake pads are worn out

When inspecting a used car, you can always find flaws that will require financial investments. Maybe it’s time to change your brake discs, pads, chain, or something else. Do not hesitate to ask how much it will cost you, because sometimes you can bargain $1,000 or even more. 

4. It’s a pity that the body is covered with scratches

The condition of the car body is also an excellent reason for bargaining. If the seller admits that the car is not in perfect condition, he/she will in any case have to make discounts. A few customers want to drive a scratched car and paint or polish the body at their own expense. For this purpose, you can ask for a discount of $500-1,000 from the initial cost.

5. There is a strong tobacco smell in the cabin

Be sure to pay attention to the condition of the interior. If there is a tobacco smell in the car, you can say that you cannot stand it, and you will have to do dry cleaning. This is a reason for a discount. Most likely, the seller will make a small discount easily so that you do not refuse the purchase.

6. There is no second set of tires

If there is no second set of tires, you can also bargain. Especially if there are no tires for the winter season. For example, if you inspect a car in winter, and it has a summer kit on it – immediately ask to reduce the price for the cost of winter tires. 

7. I like the car, but I don’t have enough money 

Typically, owners set a price slightly higher than the amount they are willing to receive. After the inspection, say that you liked the car and you are ready to take it right now, but only a bit cheaper. 


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