8 Horror Web Series That Are Perfect To Binge With Friends!


While horror movies are of course a great way to entertain yourself and some friends on a movie night, personally, I’m more of a show person. Nothing reels you into a fictional world like a show does. And there’s truly nothing more exciting than being completely obsessed with a show and its characters. With that, we bring you 8 horror web series that are perfect for binging with your friends. 

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1. Haunting of Hill house 

The Haunting of Hill House follows the story of five siblings who recollect the memories of horror and trauma they experienced during their stay in a Hill House – a house their mother had decided to renovate and sell. With increasing experience of paranormal activity, the family eventually fled the mansion. In the present, the characters remember these events through flashbacks. Upon its release on Netflix, the show received critical acclaim and was well-liked by audiences. A follow-up series with a different story, named The Haunting of Bly Manor, was released in 2020. The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best horror web shows you could stream online. 

2. Kingdom 

Netflix’s Kingdom is a show set during the reign of Korea’s Joseon dynasty, and follows the crown prince Lee Chang who comes across a kind of plague that resurrects the dead and his attempt at containing the disease’s spread. The show received positive reviews and was consequently renewed for a second season that came out in 2020. 

3. Castle Rock 

Castle Rock brings together the many worlds found in Stephen King’s novel under one roof at Castle Rock, Maine. The show follows death-row attorney Henry Deaver who returns to his hometown, Castle Rock, to help a somewhat sinister man being kept prisoner at Shawshank. Both the seasons of the show were met with positive responses from the critics, who especially loved the intricately detailed world formed by the makers.

4. Black Mirror 

While not exactly a horror show, Black Mirror examines the society and its technological advancements with a critical eye. Because of how real the issues discussed in the show are, Black Mirror can sometimes prove to be a better horror show than actual horror shows. The show has received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and is one of Netflix’s best performing shows.


5. Locke & Key

When Randall Locke is murdered by a former student named Sam Lesser, his wife moves into his family home in Massachusetts with her three children. Once at home, the kids discover several keys around the house that can magically open doors. Soon enough, they discover another entity in their house – a particularly malevolent one, who’s also looking for these keys. After two successful seasons that received great reviews, Netflix renewed the show for a third season. 

6. Black Summer 

Set in the same universe as Z Nation, Black Summer follows a team of special forces trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse all on their own while Rose, a mother separated from her daughter Anna, begins a severely dangerous journey to find her daughter. The show received generally positive reviews from critics and was renewed for a second season.

7. Stranger Things 

Stranger Things follows a group of children who during the 1980s in Indian come across various supernatural occurrences because of the government’s experiments that involve the paranormal, including ones done on human test objects. Hell breaks loose when the scientists open a portal to another dimension, the Upside Down, and the events of the other dimension start affecting their world. Stranger Things has received great reviews upon its release and is one of the most watched shows on the streaming platform. The show has received various accolades, and has received 39 Emmy nominations thus far. Stranger Things isn’t just a great horror web series, but also the best web series in general that you can stream on Netflix. 

8. The Haunting of Bly Manor 

A follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House, this show follows an unrelated story wherein a young woman hired as the governess to children arrives at Bly unaware that the manor is haunted. Like The Haunting of Hill House, the narrative of this show is non-linear as well. Like its predecessor, the show opened to positive reviews. 

Did you like our list of horror web series? If we missed any of your favourite ones, comment below to let us know!



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