8 Posters That Show Hypocrisy In Our Society

Whether it is worshiping Goddesses while denying education to girls, calling all children equal when denying their daughters from property rights or sharing Facebook posts condemning child labor while getting their houses cleaned by underage cleaners, hypocrisy is so ingrained in our society that it seems unavoidable.

After the first series on Hypocrisy, we’re back in collaboration with The Logical Indian with our second series of posters about the Hypocrisy prevalent in our society.

1. Protecting the environment by changing profile pictures on Facebook

Hypocrisy2. 2. It’s okay if a woman says it, but a bane when a man says it. 

Hypocrisy3. 3. Laws differ for celebrities.

Hypocrisy4.  Same issue but different opinions for different people

Hypocrisy5. 5. Accepting the outsiders is so hard for us.

Hypocrisy6. 6. Following the trend on social media but contradicting it in real life.

Hypocrisy7. 7. Deep rooted evils that plague marriage

Hypocrisy8. 8. Biased media


Whether it is our blindness towards these double standards or that we’re so used to them by now that we don’t even recognize them, is up for debate.

So, let’s contemplate, think and change!

Design: Rohit Bose

Concept: Bishnu N Singh

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