8 Types Of Friends You Meet On Every Holi Celebration


Holi is the festival of joy, love, happiness and friends. Every Holi comes with a different vibe and leaves lasting colors of impressions (quite literally!). ScrollDroll in association with 9Apps presents some vivid souls that we encounter every Holi. What category do you fall into?


1. Because grease is not that easy to get rid off!

2. Ande ka Funda

3. Inki toh chandi ho gayi

4. Ban gaya yeh toh Bheegi Billi


5. Nahi nahi abhi nahi

6. Do me a favour let’s not play Holi

7. Hoil kab hai, kab hai Holi!

8. Humka peeni hai, peeni hai

Well! whoever you meet this Holi, here’s hoping that you have a wonderful one!

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