17 Things You’d Relate To Only If You Were A 90s Kid

The 90s was a glorious time to grow up for a kid, and there’s no denying that fact. Kids today might have smartphones and high-speed Internet, but life was a lot simpler and definitely more fun back in the day. Nothing in the world could compare to the unadulterated joy of waking up on a weekend to binge-watch your favorite TV shows on Cartoon Network followed by everybody’s favorite sanskaari superhero, Shaktimaan. Here are 17 things that defined every desi 90s kid’s childhood, which we miss dearly. Bet kids today would have no clue what we are talking about!

1) The joy of buying one of these before the school year started.

2) And rushing back home for a glass full of this goodness.

3) Waiting for the midday break to dig into this, only to find mom has packed lauki for lunch.

4) Then making a beeline for the school canteen to snack on these with loads of ketchup.

5) Buying a pocketful of these and savoring them all day.

6) Praying every day for mom to pack this for lunch.

7) Saving up your pocket money to go bonkers at one of these.

8) And making up with this when you were short on money.

9) All colors tasted the same and yet you saved the ones in the colors you like the most for last.

10) Sunday’s were all about huddling up in front of TV and watching these.

11) And later watching this guy kick some serious butt (always in a sanskaari way though).

12) Or watching this small wonder and laughing out loud at her crazy antics.

13) Toiling over these when you tore them by mistake.

14) Covering every inch of your pencil box, notebooks and more with these.

15) Begging your parents to buy you one of these on your birthday.

16) Buying these just for the tattoos to look like a badass.

17) And finally, using these but to only make calls.

How we wish we could go back in time and relive these moments all over again. How many of these
were part of of your childhood? Let us know in the comments below.

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