10 Aamir Khan Meme Templates Which Went Viral

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan have had a love hate relationship with the social media audiences. While he has been boycotted in the past for his comments for intolerance, his numerous movies and performances have also been lauded. From ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Lagaan’ to ‘the recent ‘Dangal’, Aamir Khan’s movies have also been loved by the audiences and also inspired numerous memes. Aamir Khan meme templates have been popular amongst netizens, twiteratis and social media audiences.

We bring you some of the most viral Aamir Khan meme templates on the internet.

1. When Dhoni finishes off in style

2. When your friend arranges alcohol at the midnight

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3. Taking a shower from cold water in the winters

4. When you see a sudden spike in someone’s Instagram followers count

5. Me with my homies watching ‘mohalle wali aunties ki ladai’

6. RCB after winning IPL trophy

7. Me after entering the exam hall

8. When someone says, ‘ma’am aaj mat padhao na’

9. *Yuzi hits four-run*
Kohli and other players:

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10. me to my study routine:

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Aren’t these memes as entertaining as Aamir Khan’s performances? While Aamir Khan has been less vocal on social media in the recent times, memes from his movies continue to dominate the pop culture and have been in trends for quite a while now.

Which of these Aamir Khan meme templates is your favorite? Do comments below and share your opinions!

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